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Start of a working trip in the city of Rogun and familiarization with the process of paving the road of national importance “Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod”

On August 9, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, arrived in the city of Rogun in order to get acquainted with the process of improvement measures, the expansion of construction works in the country’s large hydropower plant – the “Rogun” HPP.

The head of state Emomali Rahmon and Prime Minister of the country Kokhir Rasulzoda first became familiar with the process of renovation of the highway “Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod” and the construction project of the highway from “Rogun” hydroelectric power station to “Shurob” hydroelectric power station in the center of Rogun city.

The construction of the highway from the “Rogun” HPP to the “Shurob” HPP began in October 2023, and the total project length is 9.8 kilometers.

According to the project, building of a bridge with a length of 1593 meters and other high-quality road construction works on the road from Rogun HPP to Shurob HPP have been completed, and this road will conform to the fourth category of road construction.

The construction of the part of the highway at the entrance to the city of Rogun, the length of which is 11 kilometers according to the project, is of great socio-economic importance for the transportation of goods and products and further raising of the living standards of the population.

Currently, 44 local workers are working on all sections of the road construction, and the work is going on from two directions according to the plan and in compliance with modern road construction technology.
The Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon was informed that the reconstruction and modernization of this road within the framework of the Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod highway construction project, the first phase, has been implemented, and the work process is constantly under supervision and implementation by the employees and specialists of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Center for the Implementation of Reconstruction Projects.

The road will be built with two traffic lanes, 8-12 meters wide, and the level and quality of service will be adapted to the modern requirements of road construction.

Here, President Emomali Rahmon was presented with the completed works in the Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod highway construction project.

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan implements the necessary measures in order to achieve the goals of development and improve the infrastructure of the road and transport industry. In this context, after overcoming the communication deadlock, the implementation of another goal – turning Tajikistan into a transit country – began. For this purpose, the implementation of 13 state investment projects with a total amount of more than 11 billion somoni is underway in the field, one of which is the construction project of the Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod highway.

The project consists of two phases and the total length of the road is more than 75 kilometers.

According to the engineers, on the Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod route, the road will be lowered to the necessary level and its width will be widened in the high mountain areas.

Currently, almost 2,000 people are involved in the construction works in two stages, 80 percent of the workers are local residents.

The construction of the road section “Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod” is being carried out in accordance with international standards, as well as other parts, ensuring connection with other sections of the highway of international importance, increasing the transportation of passengers, goods and products, and even better and safer movement of the population of the districts of Rasht and Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Province to the center of the country.

Currently, in two shifts and 60 points, with the involvement of 800 workers and specialists and 170 road construction equipment, leveling works, reinforcing steel and concrete retaining walls, constructive works and excavation of rocks in the Kandak and Karagoch tunnels are ongoing.

Out of 6 road bridges planned in the first phase, 5 of them will be renovated and 1 will be repaired, and now the works in this facility are continuing according to the plan.

The customer of the project is the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan and its coordinator is the Center for the Implementation of Road Reconstruction Projects, and the process of the performed works is constantly under the supervision of specialists.

The second phase of the project includes the remaining part of the Tagikamar-Nurobod main road and the inter-village road.

Almost 1,000 specialists and builders are working on the implementation of this stage, most of whom are local residents.

The Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod highway consists of two lanes, its standard width is from 12 to 15 meters, and the sides of both lanes are equal to 2.5 meters.

The main goal of this project is to ensure the safety of traffic and the expansion of international relations, the development of tourism, as well as the creation of new jobs within the framework of its implementation, and in this way, to increase the level of well-being of the residents of Rasht Valley and Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Province.

It is worth noting that the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, within the framework of the implementation of the strategic goal of pulling the country out of the communication deadlock, is building roads and bridges of local, national and international importance at a distance of 100 kilometers only on the route of the “Rogun-Obigarm-Nurobod” highway, with the amount of 400 million US dollars.

2500 local specialists have been employed during the construction works.